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Staffing Adjustment: After some candid conversations and prayerful consideration I am happy to announce a slight change or subtle adjustment to Pastor Justin’s and Pastor Amy’s roles and direct reports. In order to develop and oversee a ministry to young adults, post high schoolers, Pastor Justin will no longer be overseeing the children’s ministry or supervising Pastor Amy. In addition to allowing NorthPark to launch this new and much needed ministry, it will streamline our organizational flow chart. The Interim/Lead Pastor will be the direct report for the entire pastoral staff and each Pastor will be able to better focus on their area of expertise. Please contact me if you have any question.

Nominations: The Governance Board received 18 nominations from the church family to serve one of the three year terms on the Board in place of Marilyn Cole and Dwayne Joyner whose terms expire at the end of this month. Thank you for your prayerful participation in this important process. Keep in mind, some of the nominees were not interested, available, or ready to assume this leadership role at this time. After meeting to review the list of nominees, the Board is in the process of contacting those individuals they identified as prime candidates. Those two names will be placed on a ballot for your ratification at the Annual Business Meeting on Wednesday, February 17th at 6:30 PM. Please continue to pray for God’s guidance and plan to attend the meeting.

Full House: Our attendance this past Sunday, January 31st, was 174. Praise the Lord! That is the highest attendance since our last pre-COVID service on Sunday, March 8, 2020 which was 267. As you know, NorthPark has not experienced a serious COVID outbreak thanks, in part, to your diligence in following the appropriate safety protocols and God’s goodness. We are very fortunate and extremely thankful, but we must not become lax. There may come a point when we will need to consider 2 worship services in order to accommodate the crowd and maintain social distancing. We are monitoring this closely, but do not feel like it is necessary at this time. However, we do ask that everyone do their best to maintain the current practices of masks and spacing in the sanctuary which may necessitate moving to the center of the row or migrating to the balcony. The suggested space is every other row and at least two seats between families or groups attending together. Again, thank you for your patience and faithfulness as we navigate this pandemic together. (NOTE: We are planning to have 2 services on Easter Sunday, April 4th.)

Speaking of Easter, LENT is a solemn religious observance in the Christian liturgical calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17th, and ends approximately six weeks later, on Wednesday, March 31st, four days before Easter Sunday, April 4th. The purpose of Lent is the preparation of every believer for Easter through prayer, repentance, self-denial, and generosity. The last week of Lent is referred to Holy Week which starts on Palm Sunday, March 28th. Following the New Testament accounts, Jesus' crucifixion is commemorated on Good Friday, April 2nd, and on the first day of the next week the joyful celebration of Easter Sunday, April 4th, commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. During the 42 days of Lent, many Christians commit to fasting, as well as giving up certain luxuries in order to replicate the account of the sacrifice of Jesus’ journey in the desert for 40 days marking the beginning of his earthly ministry. Many Christians also add the spiritual disciplines of reading a daily devotional and praying through a Lenten calendar to draw themselves near to God. I have ordered a devotional book titled JOURNEY TO THE CROSS written by Paul David Tripp. It is a hardcover book that sells for $15.99 plus shipping If you want to check it out or join me in this journey just click on this link 

This Sunday, February 7th will be COMMUNION SUNDAY as we take time to remember and reflect on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus to atone for the sins of the world. Donna Wheatly will present a devotional thought to direct our thoughts and unite our hearts as we partake together. If you will be here in person, be sure to pick up the elements as you enter the sanctuary. If you will be joining us online, I encourage you to have some elements available in order to participate with us. You are welcome to stop by the church office at your convenience to pick up the elements we use or create your own at home. One of my most meaningful and memorable communion services was with my family in a German hotel room where we used crackers and water.

Next Sunday, February 14th will be our ANNUAL CHILD DEDICATION SUNDAY. This simple event is more than a ceremony. Child Dedication provides an opportunity for families to connect and commit to a community of faith that helps them imagine a bigger story. It is our hope that this marks the beginning of a partnership between NorthPark Church and parents that spans the lifetime of each child(ren). We will meet in the Chapel at 9:30 am for a time of fellowship, instruction, and encouragement prior to the Worship Service at 10:45 am. For more information contact Pastor Amy or click on this link to register.

Know that your continued generosity and faithful service are deeply appreciated and making a positive difference in the lives of many people.

For His Glory,  Pastor Greg

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