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Today, November 11th, is Veterans Day formerly known as “Armistice Day” which was originally a United States holiday to honor the end of World War I which occurred on November 11, 1918. In 1954 the name of the holiday was changed to “Veterans Day” in order to account for all veterans in all wars. A Veteran is any person who has served in the United States Armed Forces: Army / Navy / Air Force / Marines / Coast Guard. This morning I was humbled and inspired by attending the Annual Veterans Day Ceremony in downtown Meridian. It was an impressive program with prayers, a military fly-over, patriotic music, recognition of the various branches of service, laying of the wreaths, 21 Gun Salute, and a thoughtful tribute by Eddie Kelley, Chief Administrative Office of Meridian. A written tribute printed in the memorial folder said it best: “Thank you Veterans for taking the step forward and raising your hand. You left you comfort zone of your hometown, family, friends, and church. You received your orders and went off to wherever you were sent. You stood the watch so others could live safe and peaceful lives.” We owe them a debt of gratitude and remembrance.

The Assessment Report Presentation with Lonnie Bullock was well attended and extremely valuable. For those unable to attend you can access the full video recording on Vimeo at or through the Messages link on the front page of our church website at In addition, we will be emailing you a copy of the full written report for you to read and digest. If you don’t have email, or we don’t have your email address, let us know and we will be happy to provide you with a hard copy in gray scale. Printing this volume of material is expensive so we prefer to send it to you electronically. The Staff will be spending the day Thursday the 12th debriefing and discusing this report as will the Governance Board on Monday evening the 16th. We have scheduled a Night of Conversation & Prayer on Sunday, November 22nd at 6:00 pm for the church family to come together for a time of Q & A and corporate prayer.

CoVId Update: Governor Tate Reeves has extended the SAFE RECOVERY Executive Order #1525, which was set to expire on November 11, through December 11. Due to the increase in local Co-Vid cases, Lauderdale County has been added to the county-specific orders requiring face masks for our own and others protection. As your Interim Pastor I plan to comply with this inconvenient mandate and want to encourage our church family to do the same as we continue to assemble with social distancing on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Thank you for your patience and partnership keeping NorthPark safe and open.

Speaking of Wednesday Nights, I hope you will plan to join us for the rest of this fall session through December 16th. We had a good turnout for the kick-off last week and the family worship time was incredible!! Note to parents, this is not intended to be a “sit still and be quiet” moment. We love to see your children’s energy and hear them ask all those embarrassing questions. And we think it is important for them to see us worship and hear us singing praises to God. So please,….relax and let’s all enjoy the chaos we call family worship. To help you do this, we will be staffing the Nursery, age 0 – 2 years, from 6:00 to 8:00 so you can drop the littlest ones off early. We will also be adding a children’s song to better involve them and enhance our family worship.
(NOTE: We will be off on Wednesday, November 25 due to Thanksgiving travel and family gatherings.)

Blest to bless,

Pastor Greg

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