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Though it may have been different than what you had planned or hoped for, I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving! In spite of all the challenges and uncertainties,….we do have so much to be thankful for. God is still in control and working for good, even when we cannot see it and do not feel it!

This past Sunday, November 29th, marked the beginning of ADVENT the season of waiting and expectation. We started it with a Family Sunday allowing us to worship with our preschool and elementary children. What a blessing to see and hear them singing praises to the Lord. Thanks to Pastor Amy and her team for preparing and directing our children’s ministry, NorthPark Kids Connection. Also, thanks to Allen, Allison, Jordan, Caleb, & Logan Wright for leading us in the liturgy of lighting the Hope Candle. This Sunday, December 6th, the Farmer family will lead us in the liturgy of lighting the Joy Candle as we continue our celebration of Advent.

John Stonestreet is the President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and the voice of BreakPoint, a nationally syndicated radio & print commentary on culture. In Monday’s BreakPoint article/commentary he offers a free, downloadable booklet called Emmanuel: Readings for Advent. John writes in part:

“For nearly two millennia, Advent has called Christians to understand life between the two bookends of God’s redemptive acts in Christ: His Incarnation, when the Word became flesh, and His coming again in glory to judge the living and the dead.
Advent is a time to recall God’s utter and unstoppable faithfulness to His people. Though Israel failed to keep its covenant with God, made at Sinai and renewed on several occasions afterwards, He always intended to keep His covenant with Abraham, that ‘through your offspring shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.’ That offspring was, of course, Jesus Christ.”

To receive this free devotional guide for Advent click on this link or go to

In case you missed it Sunday, here is the ADVENT CHALLENGE: Worship fully - make Jesus the central focus of your celebration! Erect a nativity in a prominent place in your house, have a family advent wreath and daily devotionals, participate in the special services & ministries at NorthPark. Spend less - this isn’t a challenge to stop giving gifts; it’s about moderation. Why spend money you don’t have to buy things people don’t need? Give more – gifts that money can’t buy for people you don’t know. Write a letter to a missionary or volunteer to serve somewhere. Spend less on presents and more on presence! Love all - intentionally, creatively, & individually be the hands of Jesus to those around you. Be patient with the clerk or delivery person, smile at people and wish them a Merry Christmas, invite your friends and neighbors to our Christmas activities and services.

REMEMBER,… is not enough to say NO to the way Christmas is celebrated by many; Christians need to say YES to a different way of celebrating!

Welcome to Advent, Greg

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