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CLOSING 2020 Strong
This year we have celebrated Advent, which means “the coming”, to help us focus on the first and second coming of Christ. I want to thank you for your response and participation as we have attempted to slow down, clear away the clutter, and focus more clearly on Jesus this Christmas.

The candles in the advent display on the Communion Table serve as a road map and reminder of the journey to Bethlehem:
• On Sunday, November 29th the Wright family lit the purple HOPE candle reminding us of the
  Old Testament prophecies and years of waiting for the advent of Christ.
• On Sunday, December 6th the Farmer & Ishee clan lit the second purple candle of JOY pointing
  us to Bethlehem and the need for preparation for the advent of Christ.
• Last Sunday, December 13th Charles & Kay Stewart lit the pink candle of LOVE celebrating the
  shepherds and the invitation to respond to the advent of Christ.
• This Sunday, December 20th the Sudduth family will light the third purple candle of PEACE
  honoring the angel choir’s announcement and the wonder of Christ’s advent.
• Then on Wednesday, December 23rd Thomas, Shelby, & Colt Crouch will light the white candle,
  which is called the Christ Candle, representing His purity and God’s gift of salvation.

It is my prayer that in spite of the limitations of the COVID pandemic and restrictions, we will all take time to celebrate God’s greatest gift to mankind,…..a Savior who is Christ the King. From Kathy and I to you and yours’, we wish you a very merry and Christ-filled Christmas!

On Wednesday, December 16th, Governor Tate Reeves was joined by pastors from across the state of Mississippi to declare this Sunday, December 20, 2020 as a voluntary day of prayer, humility and fasting. I was very impressed with his statements, the Proclamation and the Facebook Live video.  Governor Reeves said in part, “As we’ve done throughout the history of this country, we will go to the Lord and ask for his protective hand over us as we enter 2021. While there have been many challenges throughout this year, from flooding, tornados, and especially COVID-19, it is important for Mississippians to trust in God. As we close out this year, I felt the need to go to God in prayer for our state, together. There is power in prayer. It is what God commands us to do.”

You can view the written Proclamation by clicking on this link

You can view the actual signing by clicking on this link

At a time when there is much to be concerned about and it is easy to criticize our government leaders, we need to support and appreciate those who take bold stands and make positive proclamations like this! I invite you to join me in spreading the word and being a part of this statewide initiative on Sunday.

This Sunday, December 20th, we will receive our annual Christ’s Birthday Offering. During the singing of our 2nd worship song titled “Peace Has Come” our NorthPark Kids will lead the way and then you will be invited, by sections and with social distancing, to place your offering in the manger. Special envelopes are available at the Welcome Center in the foyer. The money collected will touch thousands of lives through the Global & Domestic Ministries of the Church of God. If you give online, please designate the mount of your gift for The Christ Birthday Offering.

On Wednesday, December 23rd, we will be hosting a 45 minute Family Christmas Service at 6:00 pm. The service will include congregational singing, a short devotional, and a special candle-lighting ceremony. The evening setting and subdued lighting will create a warm and magical moment you won’t want to miss. As a matter of fact, this would be a great way to introduce your friends and family to Jesus at NorthPark.
Then on Thursday, December 24th, we will once again be opening the doors for the annual Come & Go Communion from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. This is an opportunity for you and/or your family to experience the Lord’s Supper in a quiet and solitary place on Christmas Eve as you come at your convenience and go when you are finished. There will be soft music in the background, subdued lighting and a short Communion Guide available for you to use as needed. I ask that you be sensitive to others who may be here when you arrive or arrive while you are here.

Once again, thank you for your continued faithfulness to Christ and His church during this season of COVID & Christmas. I continue to see God working in and through the NP community of faith and I am grateful for His Spirit of unity with which He is guiding us! To God be the glory!!

Merry CHRISTmas, Greg

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