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Current Message Series

Why am i pro-life?

The Bible clearly and consistently upholds the sanctity of ALL human life and Christians must not concede or compromise this fundamental truth. The core problem of the world is not abortion, euthanasia, racism, hate, murder, terrorism, or war,…as serious as all those things are. The core problem is the human heart in rebellion against God. And there is only one cure! A total surrender to Jesus Christ as Savior & Lord and a submissive spirit to his revealed Word. God’s plan is clear, His Word is true, and ALL human life is sacred.

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We are back starting Jan. 20

We believe we're hard-wired for relationships. And we're committed to moving from 'rows' on Sunday mornings to 'circles' throughout the week, where we can know and be known, become disciples of Jesus, and be encouraged  through a diverse, authentic community. No matter who you are, we know there's a place for you at NorthPark.

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