Story Focus: Jesus can help me choose kindness.
During week one, Jesus tells a story about a man who chose to show kindness to a hurt man even though their families did not get along too well. This man chose kindness, and now he will forever be known as the Good Samaritan.
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Story Focus: Jesus can help me show God’s goodness. Week two, we will learn to choose goodness by helping others, sharing what we have, and saying kind words. All of these are wonderful ways we can show God’s goodness to the world. And, when we show God’s goodness, we shine like a light!
Story Focus: Jesus can help me choose faithfulness.
Week three, David shows us what a faithful friend looks like when he helps Jonathan’s family. David made a promise to Jonathan and chooses to be faithful and keep that promise.
Story Focus: Jesus can help me choose gentleness.
Week four, we get to see Jesus in action as He shows nothing but gentleness towards the children being brought to see Him. When Jesus sees the disciples telling the children to go away, He quickly tells them to stop and to let the little children come to Him.
Story Focus: Jesus can help me choose self-control.
We end this amazing journey through the fruit of the Spirit with week five and self-control. Without self- control, it’s hard to choose any of the things we have talked about! But, when we choose self-control and say ‘no’ to what we want and ‘yes’ to Jesus, Jesus can help us do everything!