We recognize the topic of face coverings has generated passionate discourse across the spectrum of opinions. The decisions of our church leadership to honor our state and city government’s directives is not a result of fear or lack of faith but of humility and deference to those authorities established by God and genuine concern for vulnerable people.

With the increase in vaccinations and the decrease in COVID cases and hospitalizations locally, there seems to be a refreshing sense of hope and optimism after a year of mask mandates, social distancing, and shelter in place orders. In June, 2020 NorthPark made the decision to resume in-person gatherings for Sunday worship and in September, 2020 we added Kid’s Connection and Wednesday night activities while following the appropriate mandates and safety protocols.  

In light of the Governor Reeves's lifting of the mask mandate in early March and Mayor Bland's downgrade to "masks highly recommended" status in late March, we have modified our current practice to reflect these changes. As of Easter Sunday, April 4th, NorthPark is operating under the following policy posted at each entry:

Masks are highly recommended
for high-risk individuals."

We don’t want to be naïve or reckless but believe this is a safe and healthy step toward the return to socialization and fellowship. NorthPark has been extremely blessed and protected from any significant outbreaks or cases however, we need to continue to pray for wisdom, patience, and protection as we begin to add more activities and gatherings.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to one of the Governance Board members or any of the Church Staff. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed about any necessary changes. Thank you for your concern and cooperation in keeping NorthPark Church open and a safe place to worship. May God continue to guide and guard us as we seek to serve and honor Him.